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May 31, 2012 7:00pm EDT
chuck brown, he was loved. and we love chuck brown because chuck brown, he was family. and we love chuck because chuck, he did everything that he could for d.c. >> and when you come behind, you know, you'll see that chuck was the go go. and go go to like washington, d.c. and like jazz is to the new orleans. like country music is to nashville, tennessee. but he's the god father of go go. and today we'll stand here for the entire council in addition to columbia to say thank you to the families for sharing a wonderful man. i know it was hard and difficult, but you shared it with so many people. and he made d.c. what they are today. >> there are so many things that people say are the nation's capital. let me tell you it may be the nation's capital, but go go is the district of columbia's music, thanks to chuck brown. >> and so many people, they have come out today, but don't you think we need to find a way to remember him forever? his music will be here forever, but we need to find a way to remember him forever. and so council members, mr. chairman, in just a few days, i'm going to sen
May 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
candidate, sulaimon brown, so brown would stay in the race and keep on attacking the incumbent. bruce johnson has been on this story right from the beginning. >> today in federal court, thomas gore for mayor gray confessed that he and a second campaign staffer were involved in a scheme to get money to sulaimon brown. sources identified howard brooks to 9news now as that second campaign staffer. gore admitted in court that he diverted money from the gray campaign and gave that money to brooks who used it to purchase money orders that he in turn delivered to sulaimon brown. >> vincent gray's campaign, specifically mayor vincent gray gave me cash to maintain my campaign for mayor, cover living expenses, and attack then mayor fenty during the 2010 mayoral race. >> i can't imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior. i know absolutely nothing about any one of miscampaign who did that. >> he kept a record of the payments to sulaimon brown until he learned of the fbi investigation he destroyed the notebook. in total, we're talking about five money orders. some bought here at the safeway
May 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
police all over the d.c. area are bidding a fond farewell to the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. it started at 11:00 this morning down at the historic howard theater at northwest and tonight it's still going strong. it will be that way for another few hours. the cameras are not allowed inside the viewing, but his family did release this photo. there they are, people paying respect to chuck brown. matt jablow is live where more and more folks are still showing up. matt. >> derek, it should come as no surprised to anybody that knows chuck brown. thousands of people has come to the viewing and the impromptu block party that chuck would very much have enjoyed. joining me now is ellis. thanks for joining us on a busy and emotional day. >> it sure has been. >> how many people exactly or roughly have been through the viewing today? >> well, from our count, 10,000 people have come through the doors of the howard theater to view chuck brown. we expect another close to 5,000 before the night is out. >> not surprising, as i was saying earlier, is that what you were expecting? >> new orleans. w
May 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
forestville. brown's fiancee is ebony norris. >> wesley was the man that i dreamed of. >> you hear people talk about great people all the time and some are good, some are bad. wes was truly that great person. >> reporter: brown's partner that night, fellow trooper carl peoples, says he now faces a lifetime of regret. peoples said he was set to arrest williams who had just urinated on the crowded restaurant floor and had taken a swing at peoples outside, but brown, the younger trooper who always looked for good in people, talked his partner out of it. >> he said carl, let him go. just let him go. he said he's drunk. he didn't mean any better. we can do something else and we walked back inside. i told him sometimes we just can't let him go. we shouldn't let him go and he came back and committed the act he did commit. >> reporter: throughout the legal process cyril williams hasn't had much to say and today finally when the judge gave him a chance to speak, to apologize, to tell his side of the story to say anything, cyril williams remained stone cold silent. in upper marlboro, scott b
May 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the funeral for go go legend chuck brown. mayor gray says flags to half s bruce johnson reports plans are in the works to make this funeral unlike any the city's ever seen before. ♪ >> reporter: which i have cliff jones of --ly jones of soul world entertainment. he's preparing to salute go go legend chuck brown tomorrow. ♪ >> i've managed and developed groups such as raheem divine; puffy. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people stood in line for the viewing yesterday at the howard theater. and one government source today predicted up to 15,000 could turn out for chuck brown's funeral at the convention center. >> you had louis armstrong, he transcends jazz. you have bob marley who develops a genre and transcends that. now you have chuck brown who develops is genera and transcends that. >> reporter: wayne bruce is music director for tomorrow, paying homage to chuck brown will be a host of local stars like sugar bear, donny simpson. the chuck brown bands will also perform. >> his depth should change some lives, should change some people's mindsets when it comes totemsic business.
May 25, 2012 7:00pm EDT
finalized to say good- bye to the late great chuck brown. we'll tell you what you need to know in order to pay your final respects in person. >> but first space history is made as the first private spacecraft docks with the international space station. >>> with no nasa shuttles in operation anymore, it was a privately owned spacecraft that docked with the international space station today. yes, that is a first. the unmanned cargo ship is called the dragon built in california by a firm called spacex. this morning it hooked up with the space station to deliver supplies after years of work and anticipation spacex having reason to celebrate. >> i don't have words enough to express the level of excitement and elation that we feel here at spacex. there's so much that could have gone wrong and it went right. >> for now spacex is only in the supply delivery business, but one day they may carry passengers up there. engineers are working on plans to allow the spacecraft to carry seven people into orbit. >>> the memorial day weekend is off to a great start at least when it comes to weather. will i
May 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
brown's funeral. tributes are pouring in for the father of go-go who passed away after 2:00 this afternoon. his manager tells me chuck was surrounded by his wife, jocelyn, and his four children. he had been at hopkins for weeks after complaining of arthritis. they discovered blood clots in his legs that had to be removed and pneumonia and he never fully recovered. chuck brown dies at 75. he began performing in the 960s. in the 70s, d.c. had its own precushion driven sound called go-go. chuck's biggest hit soared up the r and b charts in 1978, but it remained a hit and today you can hear it played on every d.c. radio station. live concerts were family affairs. four generations turned out to hear chuck. if you are new to the area, you may know chuck from d.c. lottery commercials. you know, i talked to chuck last year when he and joe scott were nominated for the first grammy ever. here's what chuck had to say, derek. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: for 49 years, he's been a musical icon in the area. chuck brown fans will be busting loose all over on sunday night as he wins his first gram
May 17, 2012 7:00pm EDT
allow an extra 20 minutes for their trips. >>> the tributes continue to pour in for the late chuck brown. coming up, we talk to the men who helped d.c. music legend, go-go. but first, a second grader in colorado tries to honor an african american icon, but instead, gets a hard lesson in race relations. we'll talk about this one. stay with us. >>> all in state students at virginia tech will see their tuition go up next year. the university board of visitors approved a 3.9% hike for tuition and fees and that means students will have to shell out close to $11,000 a year to go to virginia tech. that increase, governor bob mcdonald had requested, he wanted state schools to keep state tuition under 8%. >>> a project sparked racism. the kid's name is shawn king and he had been assigned to dress up like martin luther king, so as you might see there, the second grader put on a black suit and a fake mustache and some dark face paint. members of the faculty and students complained about it. the principal told shawn to wash his face. the 8-year-old said no. he was sent home. >> i worked very hard. i
May 24, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. attorney's office this all began back if 2010 when brooks allegedly made payments to sued mon brown to keep brown in the race so -- sulaimon brown to keep brown in the race so he could attack mayor incumbent adrian fenty. brooks is the second gray staffer to plead guilty to federal charges. earlier today here's what his lawyer glenn ivey had to say about all this. >> i think he hit the point where he realized that it was time to accept responsibility for what he'd done. he realized he'd made a very serious mistake in the way he'd gone about handling this initially. he wanted to get it back on the right track. today was the first step in that direction. >> reporter: part of the plea agreement here for brooks, his guilty plea would give him between zero to six months in prison or he can simply get probation. of course, he hasn't been sentenced yet. that's to happen later in the coming months. back to you. >> another hot and humid day has more storms popping up all over the d.c. region. topper is tracking them now. who's in the bull's eye? >> west and southwest of town, not as numerous as yest
May 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
of go go gone? we go searching for answers about chuck brown and, is he okay? that's up next. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. then, i got my number. my tired, achy feet affected my whole life. until i found my number. i tried the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. in two minutes, i got my foot map and custom number. i'm a 440. that matched up to the dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support and cushioning i need. i am a believer. i'm a believer! i'm a believer. go to to find your closest walmart with a foot mapping center. >>> concern has been growing over the health of chuck brown. the god father of d.c. go go has not performed in more than two months and it's been tough to get information about where he is and what's wrong with him. 9news now has learned that chuck brown is in the hospital. he is recovering from pneumonia. and the reason for the worry is because as somebody once said, chuck brown is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis. for nearly five decades
May 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
nude. baby bumps and all. >>> and is bobby brown to blame for whitney houston's death? his new interview. >> i didn't get high before i met whitney. >>> rihanna's wild new photos. posing with strippers. >>> and then tom ford, one-on-one with vogue's andre leon talley. >> you have dressed madonna, gwyneth paltrow. >> the rare interview with the fashion icon and his troubled childhood. >> were you ever bullied in school?
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11